Intro Team of the year, or in short TOTY, is a similar format to the already well known "Team of the week". Where the EA developers will release "In-Form" versions of a players original card. The TOTY version of a player will however be a significantly higher rating than his base card or already released In-Form.


The original TOTY is picked from the World XI as voted by FIFA FIFPro. This is usually very predictable, but at least you have a TOTY Messi and Ronaldo to look forward to every year right?

End of season

As FUT begins to run its course, players become disinterested, the forums seem to die down and the FUT market becomes shambolic. Contracts are at an all time high, players are now cheaper than ever and everybody seems to share a mutual hate for Agbonlahor. EA need to revive what was once a thriving community. As each season ends EA give FUT the kiss of life with their second lot of TOTY players, LOTS of them. These are community chosen teams based on what the majority of the community think should actually be TOTY. This is applied for all major leagues and there is an English lower league and ROTW teams added. Not only this but teams such as, most consistent and young players are also included, giving FUT fans 2 months of crazy rated players to froth over and spend their parents hard earned money FUT coins they've been saving all year round.

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